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Thank you for visiting JBS Roofing! We have served the new york all 5 borough and mountain communities for nearly 15 years as it's premiere and most trusted roofing expert. This past summer was an exciting summer for storms in the NY area. While they were exciting hail storms for some, it unfortunately caused some grief and significant damage to thousands of homes. If you live NY or unincorporated areas that received hail damage, your residential roofing may need repair or replacement. It may be worth a free roofing damage analysis from JBS Roofing, one of NY best roofing companies, to find out if your homeor building sustained damage.We manily serve in New york City, Bronx,Queens, Brooklyn, Yonkers, and long island area.

Customer Reviews

Jake, Queens

I hired JBS ROOFING Contractor to build my roof and I could not be happier. Their work is excellent. They built my roof on time. Their contractors showed up, did the work and everything was completed just the way they said it would.”

Becca, NYC

“My mom had dealt with a roofing company that was really unprofessional. So I knew what I wanted in a roofing company – quality construction, superior work. I did not have to worry about anything with JBS ROOFING. My roof was built to my satisfaction. I am so glad I trusted them with my roof.”

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